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L'information qu'on nous cache

Dans ce monde de profit où les multinationaux contrôlent nos oreilles et nos yeux, où l'information est filtrée,il est difficile de savoir la vérité. cette manque d'informations qui est à l'origine de beaucoup de nos problèmes.

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The 1863 Diet

William Banting (1796 - 1878) was a notable English undertaker. Formerly obese, he is also known for being the first to popularise a weight loss diet based on limiting the intake of carbohydrates, especially those of a starchy or sugary nature. He undertook his dietary changes at the suggestion of Soho Square physician Dr. William Harvey, who in turn had learned of this type of diet, but in the context of diabetes management, from attending lectures in Paris by Claude Bernard.

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Lawful Enlightenment - The Path To A Rewarding Relationship

This is a Relationship and Self Development book, intended to help people better themselves and their relationships, with their Partner/Spouse and the people around them. It also helps them with their self esteem and to work on their weaknesses they face in everyday life, to overcome problems they may need help with. This short book was written to create positive intentions within; it is here to help you in life. It will give you the down to earth advice you need in order to help you achieve a great relationship, which could also contribute to improving other important aspects of your life. Feel positive while reading it and spread the great message to all those around you. Life is in your hands and your mind is in the universe. Stay true to yourself and always look forward. The message is in your hands!

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Muscle Memory

Tired of sitting back and watching others get all of the rewards in life? Start a program of self-improvement today. Muscle Memory is one of the easiest to understand and execute. You can read Muscle Memory and toss it aside. That same attitude has been your problem in the past. If you had just tried. If you had gone through the pain of starting a new regimen, you wouldn’t be going through the pain of not fulfilling your dreams now. Life appears to have one very simple formula: Pain now. Or pain later. You have the choice. If you are willing to suffer through the sacrifices of a new regimen now, things will become easier later. If you put off the need to discipline yourself because you want to watch TV or be with your friends or you think you need a few extra hours sleep, invariably you have not escaped the suffering, you have just put it off. The years slip by and you still have not done any of the things that could make you happy and fulfilled. Get off your backside. Get out of the house. Change your attitude. Live as though this is the last hour you can possibly begin the first step on your journey to a new life. Take that first step. The first step is to reprogram your mind and thereby your attitude. You can use meditation or self-hypnosis. But instead, why don't you take a real challenge and improve your body while you improve your mind.

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Bad Breath to Sweet Breath

Though the reasons for bad breath odour are not completely understood, most unpleasant odours are known to occur due to food debris trapped in the mouth. It is really amazing to find as many as 400 different types of bacteria in an average mouth! Trouble can occur when several dozen of these are allowed to flourish in large proportions or are genetically mutated to reproduce in a large number. Many species of these bacteria are usually found on the back of the tongue, where they find protection and security from normal mouth activity. The rough edges of our tongue usually harbor millions of these harmful bacteria, which create toxins by digesting debris, dead cells, and other residues. These toxins are harmful in creating a bad odour in the breath. The anaerobic respiration of these bacteria will accrue residual compounds containing sulfides and ammonia. These bad compounds often mix with the breath to form an aerosol of nausea and bad odour. Other causes of chronic bad breath may be periodontitis (gum disease), diabetes, kidney failure, sinusitis, tonsilloliths, gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), and a wide variety of prescription drugs. This book will give you all the information you need to discover if you have bad breath and provide you with the remedies to get RID of it.

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How to Boost your Metabolism and lose weight

Regrettably, many people simply don't understand the concept of metabolism and metabolic change. This, equally as regrettably, is hardly their fault. There is so much information floating around out there, much of it over the 'net or through a "friend of a friend who has a personal trainer", that there's bound to be some confusion and conflicting messages. Furthermore, many people (quite understandably) mistake their own weight gain and loss episodes as a matter of metabolic change. Sometimes this is true, and sometimes it isn't. For example, as we will discuss in this book, there are scientific ways to increase the rate of metabolic change, and thus enable the body to burn more calories.

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Self, Stuff, & Stomach

A practical guide to living freely and victoriously as a conqueror of self, stuff, and stomach. Excerpt: Stuff “Only $30 a month” sounded like a great deal at first—“only a dollar a day”—until I multiplied the monthly fee by 12. But I was stuck; I had to store my “stuff,” for I was soon to leave the United States for a one-year missionary assignment. So I took a deep breath, wrote the check, handed it to the clerk, forced a smile, waved goodbye, and left—thinking I would be reunited with my cherished possessions 365 days/dollars later.

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The Time Is Now

Learn how to use time so that you can get the most out of life and live a happy and fulfilling life. Remember time waits for one it moves in one direction only and that’s forward, so time wasted is never regained. Make all your time count.

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Setbacks, Getbacks & The Payback

A simple guide to taking your life back and overcoming obstacles that have hindered your progress in life. Be happy you deserve it, take back your life. If we look at our lives we will find that there are many forces at play and these forces would normally decide in which direction our lives are propelled, if you had to take stock of your life now, are you where want to be right now or do you wish you were further along? There’s one thing I want you to understand now, it’s never too late to get where you want to be, you can get where you want to be as long as you are willing to put in the time and sacrifice needed to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve. There is one great thing that we have been endowed with and that is free will. What is free will? Let’s break this down so we can get a better understanding of it. The word free will means the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate or to act at one’s own discretion. Did you notice how that started off “the power of acting” now with who does that power lie and when is that power available? That power lies with you and it is available whenever you want to tap into it. The wonderful gift of free will should never be wasted, it should always be used to see us make decisions that enrich our lives and not rob us of opportunities that would have been essential to our progression.

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Be Happier in One Hour

To be happier, you have to learn to find happiness inside of yourself and bring it into your life. This book shows you how to start to do that. In the end, isn't happiness the purpose of all of our hard work? Of course it is. We want to be happy. We want to be fulfilled. We want to live with purpose. However, working hard, acquiring a lot of stuff, and being "successful" does not guarantee happiness. The truth is, we all have the natural ability to be happy right now. At this moment, as you are reading this, you can be happy. Nothing needs to change in your life. You can be happy just the way you are. And here is a bonus. Psychologists tell us that happy people have better relationships, better health, are more successful and live longer lives. They are not happier because of these things; instead they have these things because they are already happy. It is not success that makes you happy. It is happiness that makes you successful.

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الأمراض المعدية

الأمراض المعدية : انتشر في الأعوام السابقة عدد كبير من الأمراض المعدية مثل الزكام والإنفلونزا وغيرها الكثير، وقد عملت مسبباتها على تطوير نفسها حيث نتج عن ذلك أمراض معدية ضارّة جداً وخطيرة

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Life and Sentience

Let’s take a journey together, all of us, back to the start of our sun igniting when all the energy of what became physical life on Earth started to be released, as hydrogen melted and burned. Previous Life and Sentience came rushing through the sun under great pressure igniting the sun, releasing its energy, and Sentience then started to stream away from the sun in all directions. Visualise yourself there at this beginning, each and every one of us, everything that will become physical life, unified and undivided with nothing between us, about to embark on a fantastic journey leading to life on Earth. At tremendous speeds, as the sun ignites, its energy explodes outwards taking us all with it across the void of space, visualise the beautiful desolation we hurtle through towards Earth — the most beautiful sight in the universe beyond all words — except one... Home.

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Simple Stretching For Seniors

Simple Stretching For Seniors A Beginners Guide To Staying Strong, Stable & Limber As A Senior Chapter 1 – Getting Your Head In The Game - Mental Preparations Chapter 2 – First Things First - Current Assessment Chapter 3 – Nutrition & Diet Overview Chapter 4 - Macronutrients & Calories Chapter 5 - Proven Strategies For Weight Loss Chapter 6 - Adding Exercise Into The Mix Chapter 7 - Shopping & Sample Meal Plan For A Week Chapter 8 - Beginner Mistakes To Avoid Bonus Chapter - Tools, Apps & Resources Why It's Important To Invest In This Book Right Now... If you are looking to take care of your body and remain steady on your feet well into your twilight years then it's important to not let anything stand in your way from doing it. Don't let a few dollars stop you from learning the secrets that could change your life while also enriching it. Can you put a price on health?

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Free MRR eBook – Eating Healthy

Introducing Eating Healthy – All the Info on Eating for a Healthy Life. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about the basics, the way you think about food, honey and whole grains, nuts and lean meat and the benefits.

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Free MRR eBook – Healthy Happy You

Description: Introducing Healthy Happy You – Everything You Need to Know to Shape up and Have a Better Life. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about the basics, in depth concepts, be happier, supplements and our mindset and exercise and concrete tips.

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الارشادات الوقائية للمحتمل إصابتهم بفيـــروس كورونــا

اإلرشادات الوقائية للمحتمل إصابتهم بفيـــروس كورونـــا المسبــب لمتالزمـــة الشـرق األوسـط التنفسيـة )العزل المنزلي - Isolation Home)

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عدوى فيروس كورونا

ما هي العدوى بفيروس الكورونا؟ فيروسات الكورونا )التاجية( هي فصيلة كبيرة من الفيروسات أمراض ل إلنسان، تتراوح من ّب طائفة من ال قادرة أن تسب الزكام العادي إلى متالزمة االلتهاب الرئوي الحاد الوخيم .)Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: SARS( »سارس» ّب الفيروسات المنتمية إلى هذه الفصيلة أمراضاً في كما تسب الحيوانات.

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vaincre le stresse

Le stress, aujourd’hui, tout le monde en parle. Il n’épargne personne : employeurs et employés, chômeurs, parents, élèves. Beaucoup considèrent le stress comme un mal externe auquel ils sont exposés, et ne reconnaissent pas leur propre part dans le vécu du stress. Ce sont le travail, le chef, les voisins qui stressent et qui doivent donc changer.

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sexuality education

As they grow up, young people face important decisions about relationships, sexuality, and sexual behavior. The decisions they make can impact their health and well-being for the rest of their lives. Young people have the right to lead healthy lives, and society has the responsibility to prepare youth by providing them with comprehensive sexual health education that gives them the tools they need to make healthy decisions.

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La santé des enfants pdf

« La Santé des enfants » date de 1855 et a été publié à compte d’auteur. Cet ouvrage ne date pas de 1857, comme il l’est noté dans le Grand Album. 1857 est la date de réédition par Hachette.

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How to Read a Paper: The Basics of Evidence Based Medicine

Reviewer: Terrence T. Shaneyfelt, MD (University of Alabama at Birmingham)Description: The book sequentially outlines the steps in finding, reading, and using a research paper.Purpose: To help the reader find, read, and interpret medical research papers is the purpose of the book.Audience: Clinicians, nurses, medical educators, healthcare researchers are the audience.Features: A chapter is devoted to understanding the basics of searching the Medline and Cochrane databases. Other chapters are devoted to understanding different types of research reports, from randomized trials to meta-analyses to cost-effectiveness analyses.Assessment: The strength of this book lies in its sensible description of each topic. Persons with no prior knowledge will easily develop a sound understanding of evidence-based practice techniques. The chapters on statistics and searching the literature are particularly well written and present the concepts in an easy-to-understand format. The book is also well referenced.

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Anda's Game

The mission took them far from Fahrenheit Island, to a cottage on the far side of the largest continent on the gameworld, which was called Dandelionwine. The travel was tedious, and twice they were ambushed on the trail, something that had hardly happened to Anda since she joined the Fahrenheits: attacking a Fahrenheit was bad for your health, because even if you won the battle, they'd bring a war to you. But now they were far from the Fahrenheits' power-base, and two different packs of brigands waylaid them on the road. Lucy spotted the first group before they got into sword-range and killed four of the six with her bow before they closed for hand-to-hand ...

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My Country Is Called Earth

A man worried about the world he would be leaving to his children falls asleep in 1992 and wakes up in 2076. Fearing the worst, he asks the people he meets how the major problems of 1992 were resolved. Two weeks later, he returns to his time with the answers. This book, first published in 1994 but still relevant today, is not an apocalyptic nightmare, but a look at a possible healthy future earth.

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100 astuces pour vivre en santé

Et si l'on vous disait que vous pouviez facilement être en meilleure santé- en seulement quelques minutes/jour...

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Healthy happy you

It's about feeling better in your body and in your mind this book will give you confidence in yourself

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Healthier You

HealthierYOU Magazine provides you with upcoming health and wellness classes and events offered by Mount Carmel, and will walk you through all our offerings, from Aneurysm screenings to Zumba classes.

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The Ladies Book of Useful Information

This book contains useful information for women. It teaches ladies the secret of Youth, Beauty, Health

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Eating Healthy

. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about the basics, the way you think about food, honey and whole grains, nuts and lean meat and the benefits.

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